Aallon Turku Oy and Tili-Koivu Oy along with Tilinova Oy have signed a sales agreement in the first of June 2020, according to which the business operations of Tili-Koivu Oy and its subsidiary Tilinova Oy will be transferred into the ownership of Aallon Turku Oy. The employees and key person employed by Tili-Koivu Oy and Tilinova Oy will continue to be employed by Aallon Turku Oy as former employees.

Aallon Group Oyj is its own accounting firm for its employees, customers and owners. Aallon Group Oyj’s strategy is to offer its customers a caring and high-quality professional services. Aki Korkka, Aallon Group PLC’s regional director for western Finland: “Regional and personal services are very important to us. That is why it is great to join together with people of Tili-Koivu Oy and Tilinova Oy, who have served their customers successfully in the same spirit as us for a long time.”

Toni Koivu, CEO of Tili-Koivu Oy: “Aallon Groups long traditions and similar values have laid a strong foundation for a common future. Combining resources creates opportunities to continue to serve our customers locally as their own accounting firm. Faciality and competence will still be our strengths in Aallon Turku.

The personnel will continue in their previous positions on Linnankatu.   

The personnel and key persons of Tili-Koivu Oy and Tilinova Oy will continue in their current positions. We will continue to serve on Linnankatu, with the same faces and in the same ways.

With cooperative regards

Toni Koivu

Teija Neuvonen

Leena Kantola

Irina Kalleinen